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From Earth to Galaxy A Novel Technique for Fabricating Metalized Objects with Difficult Geometries Abstract   PDF
Mitchell Powers
2015: Innovations in Flight A Search for New Variable and Proper Motion Stars in the Galactic Disk Abstract   PDF   Web
Robert A Benjamin
2019: Future of Space Flight A Search for Submillimeter Galaxy Counterparts Abstract   PDF
Ariana Blair
From Earth to Galaxy A Simplified Model for Flagellar Motion Abstract   PDF
Kelsey Meinerz, John Karkheck
Global Climate Change Impacts on Lake Michigan A sounding rocket payload experiment on zero gravity fuel gauging using modal analysis Abstract   PDF
Kevin Crosby, Eric Ireland, Kevin Lubick, Steven Mathe, Steven Metallo, Rudy Werlink
2014: Commercial Space A study on Select Solar Cell’s Voltage Output at High Altitudes Using a Weather Balloon Abstract   PDF
Jalal M. Nawash, Rebecca Holzer, Rebekah Taylor, Jacob Bogeuschuetz
2016: Beyond the Horizon Active Cooling Camera Modification for Improved Astronomy Data Collection Abstract   PDF
Christopher Christopherson
2016: Beyond the Horizon An Aerospace Experience at ORBITEC - 2016 WSCG Industry Internship Award Abstract   PDF
Brian Alan Andryk
2016: Beyond the Horizon An Observation of Very Low Frequency (VLF) Electromagnetic Waves Generated by Lightning Strikes via RockSat-X Abstract   PDF
Breonna McMahon, Ariane Boissonnas, Nathaniel Lee, Max Becher, Thomas Shannon, Michael Hernandez, Jordan Rice, Stephanie Bradshaw, Adam McCulloch
From Earth to Galaxy Appendix: Conference Program Details   PDF
Aileen Yingst
2014: Commercial Space Assessment of Ecosystem Photosynthetic Parameters along Two California Climate Gradients Abstract   PDF
Sean DuBois
2016: Beyond the Horizon Astronomy Magazine Fellowship Abstract   PDF
Jordan Noel Rice
2016: Beyond the Horizon Badger Ballistics Participation in WSGC Collegiate Rocket Launch 2016 Abstract   PDF
David William Zeugner
2015: Innovations in Flight Badger Ballistics: 2015 WSGC Collegiate Rocket Competition Abstract   PDF   Web
Michael Warren
2016: Beyond the Horizon Badger Robotic Mining Team Abstract   PDF
Tashi Atruktsang
Seeing Farther from Space Big Bang Blackbody Simulator Abstract   PDF
Sara Stanchfield
Seeing Farther from Space Biotechnology Teacher Training Abstract   PDF
Barbara Bielec
2014: Commercial Space Black Holes, Lasers and Data Analysis: Contributions to Gravitational Wave Searches with the ExcessPower Pipeline Abstract   PDF
Sydney J. Chamberlin
2019: Future of Space Flight Calibration and Beam-Mapping Techniques for the Tianlai Pathfinder Dish Array Abstract   PDF
Trevor Oxholm
2015: Innovations in Flight Can Dark Matter Halos Change Shape? Examining the Adams Instability in Triaxial Systems Abstract   PDF   Web
Evan Dowling
Seeing Farther from Space Cancellation of Space-Based Interference in Radio Telescopes Abstract   PDF
Lou Nigra
2017: New Windows: Gravitational Wave Astronomy CaNOP 3U CubeSat Attitude Determination and Control Testing System: Helmholtz Cage Design Abstract   PDF
Celestine Elyse Ananda, Nicholas Bartel
2018: Uncharted Lands: Geology and Space CaNOP 3U CubeSat Electrical Power System: Power Tests Abstract   PDF
Austin Weber
2019: Future of Space Flight Canopy Near-infrared Observation Project Abstract   PDF
Garrett Michael Shuldes
2016: Beyond the Horizon Changes in Climate, Forest Phenology, and Forest Disturbances Around Western Lake Superior Abstract   PDF
Matthew Garcia
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