Pioneer Rocketry: 2014 WSGC Collegiate Rocket Competition

Maria Smiles, Trent Cybela, Jacob Ellenberger, Luke Sackash


The objective of the 2014 Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium (WSGC) Collegiate Rocket Competition was to design a one-stage high-powered rocket that could accurately reach an apogee of 3,000 feet and then be recovered timely and safely and in a flyable condition. The competition also required two methods of determining velocity through the use of onboard electronics.

Overall, the performance in the 2014 WSGC Collegiate Rocketry Competition was a success. The rocket used for competition, Pioneer - I, reached an apogee of 3094 feet. The time took to recover the rocket was approximately ten minutes. The apogee reached and recovery time, combined with our presentation, design report, post-flight report, and educational outreach services put us into first place for this year’s competition1.


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