Rocket Science for Educators Workshop for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics

Todd H. Treichel, Daniel W. Bateman


The Wisconsin AIAA chapter has leveraged the talent of its members to provide a variety of outreach opportunities for precollege aged students. Hands-on demonstrations, visual aids, and real-life space flight examples provide a foundation for bringing precollege aged students face-to-face with space-related science, designed hardware, technology, and potential benefits; increased interest in aerospace and space related fields that lead to study at the university level followed by career. The Rocket Science for Educators program consists of a workshop used to assist schools in implementing rocket science into respective math or science curriculums. Grant assistance provided by the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium (WSGC) makes this workshop possible. In 2014 Spaceport Sheboygan teamed with AIAA for a training event where participating educators attended a weekend workshop and received design software training and associated set of rocket science materials that they may take back to their respective schools.

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